5 Blogging Secrets That Successful Bloggers Don’t Share!

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For experienced bloggers, the road to success isn’t really that complicated, but only for those who realize they have the potential to reach thousands of people across the globe. To make blogging your full-time career, you have to understand that there is a distinction in awareness between the bloggers who are striving hard to be successful and the ones who are already successful.

I have come across many bloggers trying all they can to share all they know about blogging, but despite their efforts, many new and would-be bloggers are still out there swimming endlessly in the blogging Mississippi with no end in sight. Against this backdrop, many bloggers have given up, sold their site, close shop, or simply abandon the aimless ship. But the fact is, it wasn’t blogging that failed them; it is their inability to know the secrets that make blogging a success that makes them a failure.

In this article, I will reveal to you several secrets in blogging which several successful bloggers mostly do not tell the up and coming bloggers.

Alright! Let’s hit it like fast and furious!

1. Take Blogging as a Full-Time Job

Has someone ever told you this, or you’ve read it somewhere? You’ve likely read something similar in a blog post before and overlooked it, but it is true. For blogging to be your job as you want it to be, then you have to treat blogging in that manner. This denotes that you have to be professional, work for the improvement of your blog frequently, continue getting more education, continue creating valuable content, and promote as your life depends on it!

Do all these and notice how your blog will begin to excel, almost instantly! Below are some things which can be of great help:

Become organized: Take your blog just like your friends. Make use of applications, use a calendar, jot down things, and many more. When you are not organized, it will be easy for you to forget projects.

Make investing in yourself a priority: Do not be scared of paying money for things that are bound to assist you with your blog. Several things, such as paid tools, an ebook, or a course, or maybe another laptop, will increase your step to making your blog a job, not a hobby.

Have a separate a customized email: Ensure you get a separate email, and if possible, get yourself a domain email! What this means is that, instead of making use of Andrew (at) yahoo (dot) com, your email will just be Andrew (at) your domain (dot) com. That surely does make sense!

2. You Know Nothing About Your Audience Till You Start Interacting With Them 

From the onset, when I launched this blog, I used to think that each blog post I published will be a success. Well, the reverse was the case.

Nevertheless, I had a particular post that gained massive traction, and that post was actually the one which I underestimated. To put it succinctly, it was the success of that post that equipped me with a much better understanding of my audience.

When I started talking to more people in my audience, I started gaining a better understanding of the issues they have and what I can do to assist. The clarity of your audience’s needs and interest to you will make things become more comfortable and draw you closer to the shores of success.

Once you can understand your audience and their needs, you start to create several content that resonates with your audience. By this time, you’re aware of the type of content they prefer or the products they intend to purchase. Then you start running your business in ways that offer real value to your audience.

What these imply is that you need to come out of your introverted shell. Several bloggers I’ve met are unrepentant introverts in a genuine sense. So I understand how uneasy it seems, but it is a thing you need to do.

3. Only A Fragment Of Your Audience Represents A Real Benefit To You Or Blogging Business

This pill is definitely tough to swallow, and something several bloggers still need to wrap their heads around. Nevertheless, if you have some other ways of making money aside advertisements, then you’re required to concentrate on your exact audience.

Your right audiences comprise of people that’ll purchase anything you offer to them.

These individuals are those that open every email you send and read all the blog posts you publish. If you can make these set of people happy, then you’ve established business for yourself.

The problem with many bloggers out there is cultivating the warped belief that every Dick and Harry in their audience is valuable, so they make all concerted efforts to please everyone. Then they swiftly start to know that when they try to please everybody, they end up pleasing nobody. You must avoid repeating such a mistake. You can never please everybody at the same time, no matter how far you try. That’s one ace you should keep up your blogging sleeves.

Defined your most active audience and build your content around their needs. You can start by maintaining close contacts with people that read and reply to your emails and posts.

4. Never Bank on What You Are Passionate About—It Will Likely Not Earn You Money

Anytime you read a post that talks about choosing a niche, one of the tips commonly suggested is picking a niche that you have passion for. Of course, this makes sense, considering the fact that no one is willing to write for several years in a niche they have little or no time for.

It is quite unfortunate that not every niche have their streets paved with gold in terms of success. There are some niches that you will never be able to make a substantial amount of money from. I am not talking about five figures monthly; I am simply saying you’ll barely make some hundreds monthly in some niches.

Luckily, you can earn a living from almost all niches if you employ the right strategy. What you need is enough time to figure out what it takes to succeed in those niches.

The best way to figuring these out is by talking to several individuals. If you can find an audience that can desperately do anything to get their problem solved and they are willing to pay anything to get them solved, then you’ve got yourself a profitable niche. Besides, you can do some nice research to find out which niche is in high demand and also consider who your target audience is—Millenials, elderlies, women, men, demographies, etc. Knowing all of these will most likely set you up for a profitable niche that delivers the blogging golden eggs.

Publish as Much as You Can 

5. Contents Contents: Publish as Much as You Can 

This point has been debated several times. Some bloggers say that you don’t need to create or publish a huge amount of content to succeed, while other bloggers disagree.

What do I have to say about it? Well, never believe or follow after the first viewpoint. As gasoline is to a car, so is content to blogging.

During the early stages of my blogging career, I decided to perform a test which involves publishing thirty blog posts in thirty days. I published a new post every day in that month, even on holidays.

Now, guess the result I got from that test? Well, I got about 3× more website visitors. That was really huge!

One of the hidden secrets of most successful bloggers (which is common among them) is publishing numerous content! I mean publishing useful quality posts every single day; some even publish three to five posts daily! The underlying secret in this method is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That’s right. The more content you create, the more active your website becomes, and the more relevant you become in your niche. Thus, when searches are initiated by online users looking for solutions related to your niche, the chances that your site will appear on Search Engine Report Pages (SERPs) for such people to view becomes even more likely.

Some of the websites that use this method have an in-house team, which produces content. If you can do it all by yourself, that would be fine. Your target should be publishing five to seven posts weekly and see how your income and traffic will skyrocket!


Rounding Up

Well, those are the five blogging secrets that most successful bloggers aren’t telling you. Now that you have known, what should you do? I leave that for you to decide. If you think I n have missed out on something important, please endeavor to educate me before the Good Man from heaven takes one of us away.


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