5 Steps To Turn Your Blogging Hobby Into A Real Career

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Are you a blogger? If yes, what are you doing with your blogging skills?

If you blog simply for the fun of it, well, that’s great! I was once like you. But what if you could make hundreds of dollars each month by merely monetizing your hobby?

I’m sure you know the blogosphere is one reliable money-making machine that you can tap in to earn money? Now, if you’re here because you want to milk it, hang in there, buddy. I got you. I’ve put together these 5 steps on how you can turn your blogging hobby into a money-spinning business, and if you’re ready to put in the required work…your regular 9-5 will be history, and you’ll be a professional blogger raking in a lot of Benjamins monthly.

What is more? The flexibility you get with deciding your schedule is priceless. Let’s dive in!


  1. Shut Out Distractions

It’s so easy to get distracted. Look around you, there’s the TV, there’s social media, and then there are friends and parties. When you work for yourself, with no one calling the shots, it might be challenging to stay focused.

Think about your 9-5. You come to work; you have to clock in, work on predetermined tasks within stipulated hours, and then clock out. As a blogger, you won’t get the luxury of someone planning your blogging schedule.

You have to sit down, draft out a workable program, and be ready to adhere to it strictly. To earn from your blogging, you have to treat it like you treat your job. Focus on the strategies you’ve set. At the early point of your journey, you might have to cut down excess scrolling on social media.

You might have to reduce the hours you spend in front of your TV, the partying and all. Just focus! It’s the first and most crucial step.


  1. Carve Out A Niche For Your Humble Self

Maybe you’ve formed a habit of writing chronicles about your travels, or simply talking about work, family, love, or relationship. It’s a significant step if you’ve found something you write on, but if you still write about just anything you think about, it might not be the best option for a successful blog.

Blogging is basically conversing, but you don’t want to be talking about everything at a time.

Find your footing in a particular niche you can always talk about, and build a loyal audience that can’t wait to latch onto your juice. And on the cash part, imagine you throw a pair of stunningly beautiful stilettoes at a group of 10,000 single men, the chances are that most of them will move aside and watch your shoes hit the ground. Now throw the same at a group of 1,000 women. In what scenario do you stand a chance of getting your audience to splash some cash while you make some cool money? Your guess is as good as mine.

Write about something specific, niche down, build your audience.


  1. Optimize, and Set Up Your Blog Properly

It’s no longer fun and games, this is a real business. Your readers need to have a seamless experience each time they visit your site. You might have killer content, but if your blog is loaded with glitches, and probably a trailer load of ads, the chances are that most readers won’t come for a second read.

Your blog should be easily navigable, and reading your content should require minimal effort. My suggestion is you stop using free blogging platforms and switch to using a self-hosted website. This is the surest way you can truly own your blog. Using a self-hosted blog makes personalization and monetization easy. The subscription fee is just a small price you pay to tap into the profound benefits.

One vital part of growing and monetizing your blog is your email list. On your blog, make sure joining your email list is the easiest thing therein; it doesn’t have to be rocket science.


  1. Create Some Engaging Content

The importance of this part cannot be overemphasized. I mean, how else do you intend to keep your readers stuck on you if not by creating killer content?

As a blogger, all you need do is carry out a little research about what your audience would love to hear you talk about and just write on it. It’s quite simple. Write like you’re discussing with your friend in a coffee shop. Nothing too official or formal, just a simple conversational tone to keep your audience engaged. Some bloggers hire freelancers, and ghostwriters to do the job, but I’d say you try to get good at it. Some freelancers are wannabes’, and you’re probably better off digging deep and creating your own content.

If you’ve read up to this point, then you deserve to know this:  Without STELLAR, ENGAGING, AND HELPFUL CONTENT, nothing will make your audience regularly come back to read from you, and eventually spend their money on you! Get some killer content on your blog, and you’ll soon be glad you did.


  1. The Business Part – Strategize

Granted, you can make some money from site traffic and the likes, but that’s not the real deal. You need to strategize on how to earn some good cash from your audience by, of course, dishing out value.

You can focus on building your email list, and once you have some loyal followers, you can sell them your courses, E-books, and several other value-adding materials you’ll create on the run. You might also decide to delve into affiliate marketing, and if you have the crowd, you’ll surely get the money. Whatever way you choose to earn from your blog, sit down, draft out working strategies that can help you achieve this. In no distant time, you’ll smile to the bank.


Rounding Up

The most fulfilled people are those who earn money doing what they love. While blogging is your hobby, it could also be an actual job. You might choose to combine it with your regular 9-5 or savor the benefits of being your boss. Whichever you choose, keep these five steps in mind, and you’re sure to find your way around the blogosphere. Summarily, focus, carve a niche, optimize your blog, create great content, and strategize on making money. See you in the premier league of successful commercialized bloggers.


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