Best Ad Networks for New Bloggers

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Ad networks are essential ways new bloggers can gain quick income online and exposure to new users on SERPs.

Monetizing Your Blog Through Ad Networks

What feels better than getting your blog up and running? I’ll answer; Monetizing it.

You’ve probably thought about setting up a blog for a while now, and you’ve finally beaten the odds to get it done.

You’ve gone about creating quality content, but the excitement is dying down as you’re having a hard time monetizing your long-awaited blog. This is the story of one too many bloggers as they have a hard time finding Ad networks through which they can earn via displaying ads on their young sites.

Some ad networks require a minimum amount of traffic. Some focus on specific traffic types, or have strict content guidelines, and sometimes these are beyond the reach of new bloggers.

Some other ad networks are plain fraudulent and just cart away with your earnings. However, you can still earn with your new blog even before you start having constant traffic, and, thankfully, it’s not rocket science.

To save you time and energy, we’ve invested the same into compiling a list of the very best ad networks and the friendliest to new bloggers.

Before we proceed, it is noteworthy that the ad networks listed in this article have:

  • Quick, user-friendly set up process.
  • Fair revenue for work done.
  • Easy to contact for any help.
  • Easy or no minimum requirement.

These make them the best for monetizing your new blog, so here goes:

Top 5 Ad Network for New Bloggers

  1. PopAds

This network is ideal for new blogs because they have no minimum traffic requirement. Another advantage is that they support all types of blogs, including porn sites, alcohol, and other uncensored sites, so you don’t have to worry about content restrictions.

The network gives you full control to determine how many ads each visitor can see, so you may not get your visitors irritated by ads incessantly popping up.

More reasons why PopAds features on this list are because it has a higher CPM rate that most other networks.

You don’t have to be worried about your money when using this platform. Amazingly, it has an auto-pay option, so once your money reaches the minimum withdrawal threshold – just $5 – you get paid automatically.

PopAds boasts of one of the fastest approval speeds in the ad network scene. In short, I date say approval is instant.

One downside is that you can only receive your money via one of two ways; PayPal and Payoneer. Not so bad, though, arm yourself with one of these accounts and earn cool cash.

  1. PropellerAds:

PropellerAds have genuinely earned their spot in this list with their smooth and quick sign-up process, their global advertiser coverage, and low minimum withdrawal threshold.

The payment method is click per mille (CPM), and their rate is fair when compared to other ad networks. Some other cool factors that make PropellerAds is ideal for your new blog because:

  • It accepts all types of websites irrespective of niche, content, or duration of existence.
  • It has no minimum traffic requirements.
  • It allows you to run ads alongside other ad networks. This means you can choose to work with more than one of the networks listed here and double your income.
  • Boasts of friendly and supportive customer service personnel that are always on hand to answer all your questions.
  • It offers no shortage of options when it comes to choosing your payment gateway.

Indeed, there’s very little or no reason why you shouldn’t pick PropellerAds for your new blog.

  1. net

This ad network is powered by heavyweights like Bing and Yahoo and is the second largest contextual ad network in the world. This shows that they are no newbies in the game.

However, they favor newbies by requiring no minimum traffic before letting you start out with them. being a contextual network do not offer the broadest scope out there, but you’re sure always to find relevant ads with which you can earn cash.

Another excellent benefit of this platform is that once you are approved, you get assigned an account manager to hold your hand through the walk.

They are dedicated to helping you build your account and growing your earnings in no time. Getting approval on may take a couple of days, but the process itself is straight forward and seamless. is reputable, so you can sleep soundly, knowing your money is safe.

  1. Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits accepts all types of sites and requires no minimum traffic. Approval is instant, and payment is assured.

However, unlike most other ad networks that use the CPM payment model, Revenue Hits stands out with its unique business model. This network uses the cost per action (CPA) model. This means that clicks and impressions are inconsequential and only actions or conversions are recorded.

Businesses that wish to accrue customer info (like email addresses) utilize this ad method. However, one action potentially pays much more than thousands of clicks ($10-$50). Once you can get your readers engaged and ready to take action, Revenue Hits can earn you hundreds and even thousands of dollars daily.

The possibilities are mouth-watering. Revenue Hits doesn’t support video ads and may not be the best for you if your content isn’t engaging enough. However, with engaging posts and niche-specific ads, Revenue Hits is the money bag for bloggers.

  1. Google AdSense

The last but definitely not the least on this list is Google AdSense. As a matter of fact, most bloggers will tell you this is the best ad network there is.

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I dare say anyone who thinks AdSense is the best ad network is not far from the truth.

AdSense is owned and run by Google, and this removes every doubt about its legitimacy.

They accept several ad types, including text, image, video, and audio. They use several payment gateways and pay a specific price for each click.

However, unlike other ad networks mentioned on this list, AdSense might make a few registration requirements. This may include a site age of up to 6 months (depending on your region) and the availability of some high-quality content on your site.

There may also be restrictions on specific blog niches, but if your blog falls within the category, then AdSense is your surest bet.

Most other requirements are easily crunchable even for a newbie and are just there to maintain quality. Here are some stand-out features of AdSense:

  • If you operate multiple sites or online business platforms, you won’t need a separate account for each site. This means you can use one account to manage your ads across several sites.
  • It only displays top-quality ads that have been meticulously selected to resonate with your target audience, so they don’t find it disturbing. The specificity also boosts your chances of getting clicks, which directly translates into money.
  • It’s easy to set up and manage an AdSense account.


Rounding Up

So, there you have it. A list of the best ad networks for your new blog. So what are you waiting for? Pick one or more that best suits you, and create an account to start making some passive cash. See you at the bank, buddy!






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