How to Use Google Search Console to Improve Your Blog

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How to Use Google Search Console to Improve Your Blog

Do you know that Google Search Console is among the best free SEO tools you can use to improve your blog performance? Of course, it does, but maybe because it’s free, so many bloggers out there give it very little or no consideration at all when planning to optimize their blogs.

The fact is, there is no substitute for a website that operates smoothly and can generate rewarding conversions. To achieve such a feat, you need tools like Google Search Console.


What is Google Search Console?

The Google Search Console, which is previously known as “Google Webmaster Tools,” is a free and rewarding tool offered by Google to help site owners monitor, improve and maintain their site’s performance and organic presence.

With the Google Search Console tool, you can easily troubleshoot your site’s appearance and performance from Google’s point of view. The tool enables you to discover and fix different forms of website technical errors, and do more like crosschecking backlinks and submitting sitemaps.

I have used this tool many times to diagnose and improve the quality of my site for SEO.

That said; let’s see how you can start using Google Search Console to improve your blog performance on Google search engine.


Steps to Setting Up Google Search Console

You probably have a Google account; if so, use it to sign in to Google Search Console. A “welcome message” with two options would be sent to you immediately.

Chose the first option and fill in your domain name or sub-domain bearing the characters “https:// .”

Once you’re done adding your blogs/website to the Search Console, click “Continue” to move to the next action. Make sure you add every variation of your site as demanded by Google.

There are 4 variations and they look like this:

As you do this, you will be required to verify your blog/site. To make things easier, select and copy the code on the HTML tag option.

Now, paste the code you have copied into the Yoast SEO plugin and in the section that read Google Verification Code. Save the changes. Don’t forget that you just need to paste in the copied code only for the first variation.

Navigate back to the Search Console and click the word “VERIFY.” If all goes well, you will receive a message indicating the operation was successful. After that, Google Search Console will start to collect and analyses data for your blog.

Remember you will need to redo this step for each of the four variations you filled in.


Add your Sitemap

The next thing is to add your sitemap to the search console.

  • On the homepage of the search console, you will find a drop-down box towards the left-hand corner. Select your blog URL (which could be any of the 4 variations you filled last time) from the box.
  • Click SITEMAPS in the left-hand side of the bar
  • A text box will appear where you should enter the following “sitemap_index.xml.
  • Click SUBMIT
  • Reload or refresh the page and your sitemap will display.
  • Repeat the process for each of your remaining URL variations.


Now that you have set up your Google Search Console account, it’s time you start using it to your advantage.

How to Improve your Blog with Google Search Console

  1. Improve keywords performance

Do you know you may be using some keywords that are underperforming? That is, they are yet to rank up to number one or two positions.

Such keywords are tagged “underperforming” because most site users only click one out of the first two results. That means, if your blog is ranking lower down the spectrum, you end up missing being part of a huge volume of traffic.

Now, you can locate such underperforming keywords by using your Google search console.

Use the “Search Report” and “Query Report” to view the keywords CTR performance. Click on the underperforming keyword and follow the instructions to optimize it.


  1. Drive traffic to your blog by finding relevant queries 

One of the best benefits of using Google Search console is the efficiency it gives you to find and use queries that promote traffic.

Using the search console gives you the ability to uncover many useful keywords data.

Select queries and you will be shown all the keywords that are the results of searches performed by real-time users. These keywords are capable of driving good traffic to your blog.

To know the keywords that are performing excellently, use metrics such as clicks, CTR, impressions, and positions located on the right-hand side. By this, you will know what content people are most interested in. Create a new blog post based on those topics and watch your blog getting more of organic traffic.


  1. Examine and set up backlinks for better outreach and performance

Identifying and setting up for best backlinks is one sure-fire way to improve your blog for SEO. Your blog’s organic ranking depends a lot on backlinks.

Statistics show that the best contents that rank higher in millions of SERPs are contents with the most backlinks.

To analyze the best backlinks that your blog is getting, go to “Links to your site” information page on your Google Search Console. From there, you can know which other important sites are directly linking to your blog.

If you discover that the majority of your links are coming from just one site, then modify your marketing strategy to target more links from other sites. Use the information you get from your search console to improve and get more backlinks.


  1. Focus on page traffic

While on your Google search console, go to the top menu, find the filter and change it from “Queries” to “Pages”. You will start seeing the most important pages of your blog and the level of search traffic each is receiving accordingly.

You must know which pages of your blog are attracting the highest and lowest amount of search traffic. This will enable you to know what your readers prefer to see and read.

Then start updating each of your most outstanding pages by creating and adding new content to them so they maintain their relevancy—something Google loves.

You can also use impressions to sort out your pages and improve your readability for better performance overall.


Google Search Console: a Goldmine to Solving Blog Traffic Problem

You can see that Google Search Console is a great tool for improving the performance of your blog by resolving issues capable of affecting your blog traffic.

Here is the catch: use Google Search Console to do those things you know can accelerate your blog’s traffic and open up your site for more visitors and lead conversions.

Focus and work around your anchor text, update and keep your content fresh. Find and create topics that resonate with your audience’s scale of preference. With Google Search Console, you can achieve a lot for your blog.





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