Squarespace SEO Tips- 5 Definitive Tips to Keep in Mind

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How can you rank higher with Squarespace SEO? How do you reach more customers? Ranking a webpage requires more work and details, but it becomes straightforward and easy when you comprehend the basics of Search Engine Optimization.

If you want to optimize your Squarespace website and rank higher on Google, you’ve come to the right place. This guide contains relevant  Squarespace SEO tips to help you with your site optimization process.

Is Squarespace SEO friendly?

Squarespace is a great website builder, it has elegant templates, its CMS is easygoing, and it offers a complete set of features to customers.

So, is it SEO friendly? Yes! Although over the past few years Squarespace has faced some criticism—not because it couldn’t rank higher in Google, but because certain elements of optimization are not upfront.

Main reasons for this are:

  • The Squarespace content management system (CMS) sometimes doesn’t use industry-standard terms for some pages element optimized for search engines.
  • The editing process of the elements can be tricky.
  • Third-party Squarespace SEO plugins and build-in tools are not available to help you assess how well you have optimized your page for the search.

However, there is good news despite these petty issues, Squarespace got their SEO right, and it’s perfectly possible to optimize a Squarespace page for search and to achieve a higher ranking for it.

Here are some few Squarespace SEO 2019 benefits built into the platform:

  1. SSL Certificates: Squarespace offers all its customers with free SSL certificates. As a result, every site visitor receives a secure connection on every page of your site.
  2. Clean URLs and HTML: Indexing of your HTML markup and URLs becomes easy.
  3. Mobile -friendly: All Squarespace themes and templates are responsive. This means it automatically resizes all your content and images to fit different devices with varying screen widths.
  4. Sitemaps: Squarespace sites feature automatic XML sitemap- thus, your sitemap stays current and comprises all your page URLs and image metadata for SEO-friendly indexing.

If you are planning to move to Squarespace- first, learn about its pricing and discover which one is best suited for your business.

Squarespace SEO analysis results

How to Use Squarespace SEO

  1. Research the right Keywords for Squarespace SEO

Keyword and Key-phrase research is the perfect way to optimize your site because you will uncover related topics and user questions. SEO these days is more about the searcher intent and topic optimization rather than simple keywords.

Create a list of keywords you want your topic to target, but if the keywords are similar—select one phrase or word to represent them.  You should search for your topics on google and assess your competitors to know the difficulty of ranking. If the competition is stronger, it will be harder for you to rank above them- so consider your competitor’s authority, backlinks, popularity and social signals.

  1. Produce a high content

You need to produce high-quality content because it is one of the most important factors to rank higher. Quality content creates a simple user experience, which is informative, aesthetically pleasing and navigable.  You can improve your user experience by using headers, relevant topics, and engaging writing.

Let’s look at each element separately.

  • Engaging writing

This is where you keep your paragraphs short to keep the users engaged. Readers find long paragraphs daunting.

  • Relevant topics

Relevant topics are those topics relevant to your targeted keywords. Search and create content that addresses the most relevant search goals.

By Googling your targeted keyword you can uncover the user’s objectives. The first result on Google probably did some things to perfection. Do some research to find out what they did right and tackle it a new, improved way.

  • Using headers

Using headers and sub-headers helps in several important areas:

  1. Article structure- Headers influence the structure of the article, making it easier for visitors to extort the information relayed.
  2. Search Engines- Headers provide search engines with information about your content and can cause increased keyword rankings.
  3. Reading process-Headers and sub-headers make the reading process much easier. Also, the content becomes more manageable.
  1. Squarespace website loading Speed

Always ensure your Squarespace website loads faster, because this determines how search engines will rank your website. Websites with fast-loading speeds are preferred over the slower ones.

However, you might have some difficulty concerning page speed on Squarespace because it is a “hosted solution”. This means that instead of being able to purchase your host, you must use Squarespace’s.

Even though, this might be a big concern it doesn’t have to be. Site speed is not only determined by the server’s speed, but there are also a few things considered that influences your page loads faster.

  • Balancing image size with image quality
  • Reducing image size by using compression tools such as Tiny Png.
  • Minimizing the use of external scripts or custom code on your website.
  • For Vimeo and YouTube embeds use custom thumbnail option.
  • Reducing DNS lookup time of your site.
  1. Using Meta Descriptions on your Pages

What are meta descriptions? They are short summaries of web pages that usually appear underneath clickable links in a search engine result page.

According to Google, they aren’t a ranking factor but well-described meta descriptions can attract more click-throughs to your site. The result is a raised number of click-through rates (CTR) of your page.  SEO experts consider click-through rates as a ranking signal. This meaning that adding a keyword-rich meta description to your content is important.

  1. Optimized files names and Alt text on images

Last on our Squarespace SEO checklist  is “Alt texts”

Alt texts offer the visually impaired users of your website description of your image. If your image doesn’t load, the Alt text is displayed so that the user knows what the missing image is about. Also, alt text is essential to search engines when categorizing your content.

You should always use and add Alt text that contains your focus keyword and works both for screen readers and search engines. Squarespace method of adding Alt text is detailed and varies depending on which image you are working with.


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