The Best Blogs in the World (2020)

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Get the best blog ideas so you can know what to blog about in 2020

So, you’ve created your new website and about to start blogging, but you don’t just know what exactly to blog about. The fact is, you’re not alone.

Many bloggers out there are finding it challenging to choose which topic to write about. Once upon a time, I was also in the same shoe, but after years of blogging, I’ve become more aware of the blog types that resonate well with online readers.

So, in this article, I will guide you and show you the best and most popular blogs that are dominating the internet. I will assist you in narrowing down and making the right blogging choice.

What Makes Up the Best Blogs in the World?

The internet is loaded with millions of blogs. The competition is fierce—fiercer than the rivalry in the English Premier League, and more competitive than the Middle East geopolitical power tussle between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Out of a million numbers, only a fraction of blogs ranks highly on search engines and have made it to the Canaan land of blogging. The question is, how did these “lucky” blogs manage to scale through the competition huddle and catapult their blogs to the top?

Here is the secret.

They created and offered content that provided real value to their visitors and readers.

They became different and set themselves apart from the rest because they have a unique voice and carry a story that their readers loved to hear.

Thus, it becomes difficult for some new bloggers entering the blogosphere to carve a name for themselves.

Here are examples of the most popular blogs in 2020.


20 of the Best Blogs in the World

1#.       Business insider 

Niche: Business & Finance



2#.       Gizmodo

Niche: Technology & Science

Mentions: 26,463


3#.       TechCrunch

Niche: Tech News

Mentions: 16,832


4#.       Wired

Niche: Tech News

Mentions: 16,384


5#.       The Verge

Niche: Technology News

Mentions: 12,589


6#.       WebMD

Niche: Health & Fitness

Mentions: 12,564


7#.       CNET

Niche: Technology News

Mentions: 8,357


8#.       Refinery 29

Niche: Fashion & Styles, Health

Mentions: 7,329


9#.       Engadget

Niche: Technology News & Reviews

Mentions: 6,261


10#.     Elle

Niche: Fashion & Celebrity

Mentions: 5,044


11#.     Mashable 

Niche: Tech & Entertainment

Mentions: 4,552


12#.     ZDnet

Niche: IT News

Mentions: 4,273


13#.     GQ

Niche: Men’s Fashion & Health & Fitness

Mentions: 3,672


14#.     CoinDesk

Niche: Crypto & Blockchain Technology News

Mentions: 3,528


15#.     Curbed

Niche: Home & Architectural Design

Mentions: 3,305


16#.     Ars Technica

Niche: Technology

Mentions: 2,871


17#.     Medical News Today

Niche: Health & Wellness

Mentions: 2,173


18#.     Cointelegraph

Niche: CryptoCurrency, Blockchain & Internet Finance

Mentions: 2,173


19#.     VentureBeat

Niche: Technology Innovation

Mentions: 1,878


20#.     The Next Web

Niche: Technology & Internet

Mentions: 1,843

The above are some of the best blogs that have made a name among readers in 2020 and still counting. They all have one thing in common: the ability to capture their target audience by knowing and providing topics that meet their needs. This is the next thing you need to know.

Which Blog Types Are the Most Popular in 2020? 

While every area of blogging is a potential goldmine for profit maximization, some sectors are much more popular and rewarding than others.

What is required is your time and effort. You just have to be committed to the task of creating something new and consistent, and the outcome promises to be rewarding.

Below are the best types of blogs that can put you in the class of the big blogs.


1#.       Health & Fitness Blog

Blogs designed around health & fitness are some of the most popular to write about. There is so much to write about here—products, foods, supplements, exercises—just name it.

Healthy recipes, nutrition, diets, gym workouts, at-home workouts, morning routine, healthcare, and wellness tips and advice are popular areas you can write about and get positive feedback from people.

Even if you’re not a specialist in this niche, you can always hire someone qualified to do the work on your behalf.


2#.       Travel Blogs

If you want to drive huge traffic and make money blogging, then consider travel blogs. People everywhere love traveling. Many out there are always on the lookout for new and thrilling opportunities to visit places they’ve never been previously. Many want to experience being part of new cultures.

This is where you come in.

You can tailor your travel blog to meet such needs, and there is a lot you can do.

You can decide to make your blog a food travel blog. You can focus your blog on targeting one specific region. If you’re a traveler yourself, you can load up your blog with personal experiences from the places where you have traveled.

You can also make your blog a restaurant and hotel review travel blog and make money through affiliate links.


3#.       Technology & Gaming Blogs

The modern world and everything in it are driven or affected by technology. People are interested in tech, and that includes gamers who want to know about the best tech in the gaming market.

So, if you can combine and write about the two, you will increase your chances to reap big from blogging.

The tech and gaming niche is one of the most rewarding you can think of. It has many sub-niches and hundreds of affiliate opportunities you can take advantage of.

For example, you can review game consoles, game types, latest video games, PC hacks, repairs and tips, tutorials, tech and gaming news, and much more. There is a lot you can do here.


4#.       Parenting Blogs

Blogs about parenting are some of the traditional traffic drivers. Every home has a mom or guardian, and they’re looking for the best parenting tips and parenting advice to help them become a great parent.

There are dozens of topics you can write about. You can talk about how to take care of babies and children. How can new moms cope with babies and work? What toys, clothing or food to buy for babies and children. What are the best birthday plans for babies?

You can also write about pregnancy advice and tips, and much more. The list of things you can do in this niche is endless. Make sure to monetize your blog and start smiling to the bank every month.


5#.       E-learning Blogs

Learning anything has never been this easier. The internet has made it possible to acquire knowledge as quickly as possible through e-learning, which is gaining increasing popularity by the day.

Many people prefer to learn something new from the comfort and safety of their homes.

If you have a specific skill and knowledge in one field, and you’re passionate about writing on it, why not take the time to make others professionals in that same field? Of course, they will be paying you to do it.

You can create a music blog to give guitar or piano lessons (if that is your specialty). If you’re a coding expert, make a WordPress coding blog and teach people how to code.

You can teach language lessons, dog training lessons, fitness lessons, and tutorials on how to use particular software, and so on.


Wrapping Up

The best blogs are successful by the types of content they put out for their readers. You have seen how good some of these blogs are and the type of blogs the bloggers behind them create.

Find the niche that you’re good at and develop enduring content for your readers. Once you do that, you can start paving the way to become one of the best blogs in the world in 2020 and beyond.

Thanks for reading.








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