The Best Drupal Themes To Use In 2020

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The best Drupal themes bring out the best in your website content and overall outlook

What the Heck is Drupal? 

Drupal is a Content Management Software (CMS) that specializes in the design of applications used daily by billions of people all over the world.

Drupal’s unique security features include an easy to use content drafting, authentic performances, and superb security. It helps you establish a resourceful, well- organized content that provides its users an active experience. Its modules allow you to create a unique and customized component for your site.

If you need to create a basic digital structure, then Drupal is the right choice to make. It provides a digital framework for at least 2.3% of all websites worldwide, and this includes personal blogs of corporate, political, and government sites.

According to recent findings, the Drupal community covers more than 1.39 million members, 117,000 active users on the internet.

When set side by side with other notable structures, Drupal meets most of the acceptable requirements.

Every digital organization requires a platform that encourages speedy growth and increases business opportunities. This is because; every business that engages in digital marketing requires speed. Drupal’s flexible platform allows marketers and developers to scale above constrictions and setbacks and grow fast and active members, thus creating an extraordinary experience for its users.

As asserted in the Business News Daily(2017), “Innovation is key to a successful business.” Drupal encourages an active digital innovation so marketers and business developers can design and control the mobile, social, and digital experiences of users.


Drupal Themes

Themes created by Drupal enable users to change the look and feel of their site. A user can install a theme provided by another user or better still create their unique theme suitable to them, which they can decide to share with the community.

There are over one million sites that are currently using the Drupal themes, and over one million developers are continually designing and sharing their themes. However, there are still a lot of themes available on the Drupal framework that you might get confused about the best option for your site.

Here’s a comprehensive list of 15 2020’s best Drupal themes used.

  1. Vani- modern Drupal 8 Theme

This is a clean, stylish, executive, versatile, and fully responsive Drupal 8 theme. It is delicate, clean, current, and suitable. It has a fast and easy setup. Vani is designed for ALL types of business and personal websites. It is not reliable on any third-party module. It uses core Drupal models and inbuilt features. Nevertheless, users may install and use any Drupal supported module alongside this theme.

Drupal Themes

Drupal Themes

  1. Bootstrap for Drupal

This theme allows for the extraordinary main navigation of both desktop and mobile devices. It also features an active search slab. It provides its users with a responsive branding title with a symbol, motto, and site name, as well as multilingual support.

  1. Conference Lite

This is a free, mobile-first based theme for Drupal 8. It is strictly based on the premium theme administration, with over 200 theme fixture that assists in building sites for conferences and events. All sections built into this theme are useful. Its segment includes the presenter section, event calendar section, funding section, and more. These sections are intended for event convening and conference website design.

  1. Zuvi

Zuvi is a murky, stylish, and flexible theme for Drupal 8. It is fully responsive, mobile-first, and made to order. Its setup is quick and easy. It is not dependent on a third party element and has a slither, inbuilt pull-down menu.

  1. Maipaly

This is a Drupal 8 theme designed to suit artists, designers, and companies that offer web design, digital marketing, and all other internet marketing related agencies. It has 5 inbuilt homepages that are entirely modifiable to fit users’ needs.

  1. Freelancer Zymohonies Themes

This is a colorful and creative Drupal 8 flexible theme designed with freelancers’ needs in mind. It is clean, lightweight, and loads fast. It is ideal for freelancers such as web developers, designers, and any other freelance worker.

  1. Bluemasters

This theme is a reactive web layout and support, suitable for JavaScript slideshow and CSS pull-down menus. More than (just) Themes support it. It also includes a 2-column layout for inner pages and styled comment on posts slab.

  1. Mayo

This theme’s name is derived from the phrase “Make Your Own”. It is designed to provide its users with an easy way to create and customize colorful themes they love. It gives users the advantage of adding color to most aspects of the theme, like the foot, page, title, sidebar, intersections, and annotations. It also allows the user to choose the wording color, link color, and background and frame color they want.

  1. Likable Clean Theme

This is a theme that mostly suits an online blog or magazine, all types of websites, and it works on every browser. It has a slideshow to showcase recent posts and a pull-down menu, plus a choice of columns.

  1. School Zymphonies Theme

This Drupal theme is ideal for all types of educational and training websites like schools, colleges, and universities. It provides users with 7 skin colors to choose from, in three different styles. It features an inbuilt module for a business site and is easy to use. This theme speeds up your website, which in turn reduces the time and cost of designing and encoding. It allows easy menu configuration to fit users’ business choices and supports all major browsers.

  1. Spotlight

This theme is ideal for an organization promoting a cause. It aims at creating sites for trading online. It provides fast access to content, paths, and files. Spotlight fits into any electronic gadget.

  1. Magazine Lite

This Drupal theme has features that will help a user build an astonishing, resourceful news site. It provides a free page and flushes variations, and it has an inbuilt four heading styles for a user to choose from.

  1. YG Logistics

This theme was developed to help users build an eye-catching website. It provides a fully wide picture slides and is most suitable for logistics and transport businesses. It has inbuilt logistic connected forms and sample content.

  1. Batiz

This is a contemporary information and publication theme with plain and stylish design and is suitable for any type of website.

  1. Oveltyshop

This theme is user friendly and is suitable for shops and e-commerce websites. It has 6 different inbuilt homepage layout that is compatible with different screen sizes of any device.


Final Take

Drupal is available for use in over 100 languages, including English (default). It can robotically update users on a new version of modules and themes. However, before upgrading, it is suggested to backup modules, themes, files, and databases. Drupal runs smoothly and faster on the Windows web and makes it easy for Windows developers to share in the Drupal community.








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