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COVID-19 now has a significant impact on our work and every other aspect of our lives. Hence, it is a good idea to assess whether we need an adjustment to our content strategy based on our audience’s needs and the current events.

Most bloggers struggle to find:

  • The right topics to write about
  • Add more relevant content ideas to their content schedule
  • The right topics that suit this trying times

Thus, I spent hours on google trends, assuming the position of most Americans.

After testing various keywords to showed a trend for the past month and related to COVID-19, I discovered a few of them that might be suitable for bloggers and content marketers,

I looked for a consistent spike in this period to be sure that they match up accordingly.

Most of these topic ideas cover several primary industries. Read and see which of them can provide you with enough inspiration to create suitable content for the months to come.


I started with this industry as it was the hardest hit by the pandemic.

I discovered few key opportunities despite most people opting to bike, walk, or drive instead of air travel or public transportation.

Travel Insurance

Though it increased during the early part of the lockdown, travel insurance continues to be a hot topic. One reason for the spike might be the desire for travelers to be adequately insured against sickness during their travels or the passion for some of them to know more details about their insurance coverage and opt to cancel their flights. Regardless, many people are searching for more travel insurance information and how it can be useful for them.

Train travel

This search result felt awkward as it didn’t expect many people to be searching for information about this travel medium. Since it’s not my area of expertise, I can’t judge those seeking this alternative travel means. I can only reiterate what we have all been told – do not travel, or if your travel is necessary, adhere to all COVID-19 precautions.

Your blog can offer useful insights regarding this mode of travel and provide suitable alternatives.

Virtual travel

How can those struggling with wanderlust explore from their couch? The answer: virtual travel. As more people find themselves stuck at home, the virtual trip continues to gain more popularity.


Work and education

Some companies and schools have made the switch from physical appearance to virtual almost overnight. The shakeup has been massive across the board, and various topics continue to trend.


Many parents have become sudden and unexpected teachers since their kids are now home from school. These parents seek more detailed knowledge of how they can become effective teachers and still perform their parental roles properly.

Free online courses

Most people now seek ways to spend their time effectively at home since the social distancing rule has canceled all plans. If you offer online courses and blogging, now is the time to amplify those courses and create blog posts that explain the value of these online courses. If you are yet to make your online course, now might be your best chance at creating one.


Work from home tips

While companies have forcefully accepted that their staff needs to work from home, their executives and staff now seek simple and effective ways to improve their staff productivity.

A blog post that provides suggestions on maintaining a work schedule from home and dealing with distractions might be a good idea. Similarly, you can create a blog post on how to set up a home office.

How to stay focused

Most people are finding it difficult to be focused. Possible reasons for this lack of focus might be that most people are working (or studying) from home for the first time.

Can you create a blog post that will help people in this situation by providing them with tools to improve their focus and efficiency?



Finance, health, and safety are the three major concerns of most people during this COVID-19 period; Financial worrying is skyrocketing because most people have been laid off work or can’t work.

Can you provide a blog post that offers guidance or relief?


Information guides and tips on filing for unemployment will be hugely helpful since most people are looking to do so now. Don’t forget to include how much money these people can get when they file for unemployment.

Budgeting tips

Since there are layoffs and cuts more than ever before, people need to know practical money-saving tips. The most common topic from the google trend search was “how to invest money wisely.” can you provide useful insights on this topic?



Several subtopics under relationships can be essential because the relationships in people’s lives play an important role when they are highly stressed.

At home date ideas

Can your blog provide relationship tips for couples looking for ways to keep up their romantic lives?


Health and fitness

Unsurprisingly, health is a vital category at this time. Instead of creating content around the most prominent topics such as hand sanitizer and handwashing, I discovered other popular topics that might be of enormous interest.

Getting health insurance

When people lose their jobs, they’ll want to know the best way to get or maintain their health insurance. Think of content that can help people in this regard.

Strengthening the immune system

No one wants ill-health. So, people want to do their best to protect themselves from COVID-19. However, if you aren’t a licensed medical expert, stay away from this subject matter. Don’t damage lives by providing false or unproven information.

A related topic in this category is “healthy diet.”



If your blog’ theme isn’t related to delivering breaking news or updates about COVID-19, you can provide content that amplifies positive emotions such as joy, hope, and gratitude.

People are looking for inspiration alongside health and safety updates.

Create the content that suits your brand or provide a full blog post that explains why you want to focus on COVID-19 instead of your blog’s central theme. Then, create a content plan that can improve people’s lives.



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