Great CDN Service Providers To Speed Up Your Site

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Are you looking for an easy way to speed up your website? Or just searching for the best CDN service providers for your website.

The distance between your website’s visitor and your website’s server has an effect on your site’s page load speed.  So, if your server is in the US, your site will load faster for someone in San Francisco than for someone in Nairobi, Kenya.

Content Delivery Network (CDN), will fix your problem quickly by sorting the content of your site on different servers around the world. So, instead of you visiting your server every time a visitor accesses your website. The visitor can pick your site’s files directly from the CDN location nearest to them.

A CDN can be defined as a network of distributed servers that assist in the delivery of webpage in addition to other types of digital content. All of these is based on their geographical region, as well as the origin of the webpage and the content delivery server itself.

CDN technology will significantly help your increase then speed of your website load time while lessening the load on your web site’s server to boot. But if your new to this technology, then you are going to need to find the CDN provider that perfectly matches your needs and budget.

And for this reason, we have picked for you the best CDN service providers to help you in speeding up your site.

Buckle up! We have some riding to do.


Incapsula is owned by leasing IT company Imperva. It is considered the best cloud-based and robust CDN that you can find and use to improve your site performance. It has a dynamic caching technology that ensures the content is fresh. And also, the bandwidth consumption is reduced.

This CDN uses networking optimization and machine learning techniques to increase your page load speed.  Also, it provides file minification and automatic gzip compression. Apart from the usual CDN features, Incapsula CDN intelligently profiles and does frequency analysis on your site to improve caching.

It utilizes content and networking optimizations to improve page loading time and user experiences.  With Incapsula, you receive unmatchable security to your website. It uses integrated DDoS protection and web application security services to block threats.

Additionally, it offers real-time traffic monitoring, management, and failover.

Price Plan

Free and Paid

Key Features of Incapsula

  • Free-entry plan
  • 14-day free trial for premium plans
  • Boosts internet speed to up to 50%
  • It has a global network of 28 data centers


  • It has a frees plan
  • Incapsula offers DDoS and bot protection on the free plan
  • Its paid plans offer more advanced security functionality, such as a web application firewall.
  • It has points of presence on every habitable planet.

Disadvantage of Incapsula

  • It has no SSL on the free plan.

Jetpack Image CDN

Jetpack image CDN “formally known as Jetpack Photon” is a limited CDN because it only works for WordPress site’s images. Why is this? Well, images comprise about half of the file size of an average website.  So basically, they are one of the highest-value assets to serve via a CDN.

It is free and also part of the popular WordPress Jetpack plugin.  Furthermore, it is the easiest CDN to use, because activating it requires you only to check a box.

Price Plan

Free and Paid

Key Features

  • Easy to setup
  • It is a basic alternative to a full CDN service.


  • It is 100% free
  • Jetpack Image CDN has no limit on the number of images you can serve.
  • It has absolutely the easiest setup process.


  • Requires that you use the Jetpack plugin
  • You cannot purge the cache (meaning an image is cached forever)
  • Jetpack is more limited than other CDNs.


Cloud Flare

Cloudflare is one of the largest CDN providers in the world.  It is a reliable CDN service provider for boosting your website performance and protecting it.

To use Cloudflare all you need to do is to change your website’s DNS nameservers to use Cloudflare. After that, Cloudflare will automatically start catching your files and serving it up from their network of servers.

Also, Cloudflare can smartly serve your content via its CDN and also offer several security benefits.  For example, you can use Cloudflare to implement higher security on a site-wide basis, which in turn helps your site when It is experiencing DDoS attacks.

Price plan

Free plan- the free plan allows you to see what the service can do, without having to make any commitments. It is usable, has unlimited bandwidth and has no annoying restrictions.

Paid plan – by upgrading to pro plan, you will receive an addition of image optimization rules, improved support and extra configuration settings. Paid plans start at $20/month.

Key Features

  • It has a forever Free-entry-level- Plan.
  • Cloudflare integrates with popular WordPress caching plugins.
  • Contains threat blocking and bot limiting features.
  • Has a global network of data centers.


  • The free plan works perfectly for most users.
  • Cloudflare is easy to set up.
  • In addition to its CDN services, it provides a lot of security benefits.
  • It gives flexibility with page rules.


  • If Cloudflare ever experiences any issues, your site would be unavailable.
  • Improper configuration of Cloudflare’s security rules might annoy the users.


Amazon CloudFront

 Amazon CloudFront is a fast CDN service that securely delivers, videos, data, applications, and API’s to customers globally with low latency and high transfer speeds. It offers high availability and scalability across the globe and help in maintaining high-cache hit ratios.

It is integrated with AWS (Amazon Web Service) and AWS services. CloudFront works perfectly with services including AWS Shield S3 for DDoS mitigation and with Amazon S3 Elastic Load balancing.  It allows its users to have their own domain name and SSL certificate at no additional costs. Also, it provides a complete and secure environment to host any website.

If you use AWS origins such as Amazon S3 or Elastic Load Balancing, you will not have to pay for any data transfer between these services and CloudFront. You can quickly get started with CDN in minutes by using AWS tools that you are already familiar with.

Price Plan

Free and Paid

Key Features

  • Third party WordPress Integration plugins.
  • Premium help desk options and online support.
  • Free starter account.
  • Has developer tools and SDKs.


  • Fast and Global
  • Security at the edge
  • Highly programmable
  • Deep Integration with AWS


  • Technical support is only available at an additional fee.
  • Use of CloudFront requires you to upload all your data into S3.
  • It takes some thought to set up security and what location you consider primary.


KeyCDN is exclusively a CDN, which is so popular, especially with WordPress. KeyCDN is active in the WordPress community with Plugins like CDN Enable and Cache Enabler.

Anyone can use KeyCDN and its setup process is quite easy. As a new user, you need to sign up with your email address.  You will get an immediate 25 GB to use, no payment details required.  KeyCDN features a user-friendly dashboard and custom plugins that you can integrate with WordPress and other apps.

This CDN Origin Shield option allows its users to specify a KeyCDN server to be the main source for all the updates rather than the origin. Thus, reducing the server load. Also, all of its users have access to Optimus Plugin, which is perfect for image optimization.

Additionally, KeyCDN lets you use both pull and push zones. It’s quite easy to set up a pull zone. All you need to do is just to paste in your website URL. Finally, KeyCDN has some security features like DDoS protection and SSL support.

Price Plan

Sadly, KeyCDN doesn’t offer any free plans. But you can start with a 30-day free trial.  The good thing with this CDN service is that it is entirely paid as you go. Meaning you are never locked into a monthly plan.

Key Features

  • Real-time usage reporting
  • Detailed user dashboards
  • Instant content purge
  • Provides image optimization services
  • Help desk support 24/7


  • Affordable has very low prices.
  • Contains lots of features for technical users, including customs rules and header controls.
  • Presence of good server on all habitable continents.
  • Non-technical users can easily use it.


  • Has no free plan.
  • Lacks detailed security features like firewalls and bot filtering.
  • Its performance isn’t really the best.


Just like Cloudflare, Stackpath offers both CDN and security services.  Stackapth offers you a one-step approach, where you can pick specific services or go with a full package that includes CDN, managed DNS, Firewall and more. Except for Africa, Stackpath provides 45 points of presence on every habitable continent.

Stackpath Easy-to-use customer portal gives you direct access to your services and account. It is super easy to set up Stackpath because it is a pull CDN. It is also user-friendly, complete with a straight forward web console that is responsible for managing your settings.

You can take advantage of Stackpath CLI tools to manage all your deployments from CI/CD systems.  Stackpath security services are of Edge and come with Free SSL and Platform level DDoS protection.  When you are stuck, there is efficient technical support available via phone or live chat.

Price Plan

Stack path’s CDN plans start at $10 per month. Here you receive 1TB bandwidth.

Key Features

  • Free Month trial
  • Change propagation delay is instant
  • Customer documentation is public
  • 24/7 phone and email support


  • Easy month-to-month.
  • Provides other functionality like web application firewalls and managed.
  • Unlike CloudFlare, you don’t need to change your nameserver. This gives you full control.
  • Stackpath is easy to set up.


  • Lacks a free plan.
  • Not as many points of presence as Cloudflare.
  • Average speeds


MaxCDN is the most popular CDN in the world. it is actually owned by Stackpath company which was founded in 2009. But It provides a standalone service of its own which is well suited for novices. It has 56 servers placed across the globe to maximize their performance.

MaxCDN is compatible with almost all popular Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc. Another, benefit associated with MaxCDN is that you have 24/7 tech support with speedy responses.

MaxCDN offer on-demand pricing vary with rates per region.  Shared SLL is free, and Wildcards SSL and Custom are paid features.  It generally, has a solid performance, which works well for speeds in both the US and UK.

MaxCDN provides features such as Edge rule, Edge SSL, Edge security and Edge Catching.  Basically, it used to increase your SEO ranking. So, by actually using MaxCDN your user will receive a good experience. Also, the number of visitors on your site will increase.

Price Plan

MaxCDN pricing is a strong point, starting from $9 a month for a 100 GB account.

Key features

  • Integrate SSL
  • Free test account option
  • High-level security
  • Real-time reports and analytics
  • Multiple locations across four regions


Works well in WordPress integrated with the W3 Total Cache.

It speeds up your website

Choosing an annual premium plan grants you an additional two months free.

MaxCDN is effective for online business.


No free plan

The security feature is not as good as CloudFlare

It has a certain limitation on the use of storage and bandwidth



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