If You Have a Blog – You Definitely Need a CDN

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When starting a blog what is your first consideration apart from content?

Optimization! Right?

Without the right optimization, your content will never reach your targeted consumers. This results in poor conversation rates and success.  If you are a blogger, the chances that you have taken an optimization exercise is high.

Utilizing an optimization checklist. Means that you have completely defined your value proposition, refined your design, organized your site navigation, add social media buttons and so on.  These are the kind of the things you can figure out from online articles.

But, one of the most important tasks associated with optimization is loads speeds and reduced conversations. Also, delayed page responses translation

One of the things that most bloggers stumble upon here and there is the term CDN. Most optimization process requires that you use CDN.

So, if you were wondering what CDN is and why most bloggers find it useful, you are in the right place. Hang around and find out why you also need a CDN for your blog.

 What’s a CDN

A Content Delivery Network is a cluster of geo-located servers, distributed all across the globe.  Because they are many servers they perform and handle large volumes of traffic. Meaning that your blog will be performing much better and in a more optimized way. Also, it saves resources.

CDNs are responsible for holding your copies of static data and files on their independent servers. Hence, when you decide to make a change to your blog or your website, it is reflected on the CDN’s server copy too.

We have said CDN is globally distributed. Meaning your targeted audience from different parts of the world can have access to your website faster.  Here, the visitor is served content by CDN servers rather than your host.

When do you know when your blog requires a CDN?

This is a question that every blogger and website owner wants an answer to. We have listed some points below. To help you know when you might need to enlist the help of a CDN.

Your blog is growing at an exponential rate – When this happens a regular server won’t be able to handle the spike in traffic. Unless you integrate a CDN to help it.

When your visitors start to expand to a global crowd – If your blog is receiving many visitors from a different country or other parts of the world, it may be time for you to look into a CDN.

Large and Static contents are slowing your blog – If your blog utilizes a lot of media such as large images, scripts, CSS and other elements. They might prevent your blog from loading faster.

Select a CDN plan – Choosing the wrong CDN company can cost you a lot of money. And we don’t want this now, do we? Search for the right company. Before choosing it to handle the distribution of your content. And also the security of your website.

What Can You Gain Form Implementing a CDN On Your Blog?

Enhanced User Experience

CDN will reduce bounce rates in your site. Additionally, you will notice an increase in page views and numbers of pages viewed by users once you start using CDN. Your site will be very fast for all of your customers regardless of their locations. Fast websites result in the satisfaction of users.

Reduction in Cost Spend

Many fast-growing companies opt to go to foreign companies. As they try to expand to their global market.  Yes! many of these networks can support a large amount of traffic. But these cost a lot of money. A CDN will keep your cost low. Meaning that you don’t have to serve your site through multiple service providers.

Improved SEO

According to Google, quickly responding websites usually have better rankings on search engines. CDNs play a key role when it comes to website optimization. Giving your blog an advantage over others.

Crash Protection

By implementing CDN, content would be deployed to all servers over the world. Hence, pressure from your main servers is relieved. Thereby, reducing the risk of servers from crashing or becoming choked up.

Expansion of your audience to a global crowd

At the end of the day, it all comes to business and money. We live in a global business world. So, you should expect to sell your content to people all over the world. Even though, many people from the different parts of the world can bring up your blog with no problem.

It is only that they may encounter some problems. This is because of the different locations of your servers. A Content Delivery Network will generate a good customer experience to all customers. Irrespective of the location they live in.  As a result, opening up possibilities of selling worldwide.


Slow sites are as a result of the distance of which content has to travel between the servers hosting the website and the location of the visitor’s site.  The further the location, the longer your site will take to load.  CDN will reduce the physical distance that your content has to travel. Increasing the speed at which your website visitor receives content.

Free CDNs You Can Use

  • Cloudflare
  • Jetpack
  • jsDelivr

Premium CDNs

  • Amazon CloudFront
  • KeyCDN
  • CacheFly
  • Fastly
  • MaxCDN






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