Wix Website Builder: Important Things You Need to Know

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So, you want to build your website? You have a list of website builder but you don’t know which one is the best.  You probably want to select the Wix website builder because you believe the clever commercials and web ads about the platform. Right?

Well, don’t go around believing what you are being told. Wix website builder is probably one of the most popular website builders, but does it contain what you need to create a sublime website?

This might sound cliché, but it depends. Wix contains awesome features that make it perfect for those creating their first website, but there are a few limitations you should know before signing up with the website builder.

Are you ready to sacrifice advanced features and pay up for convenience? If so, then Wix should be your top contender.

Let’s look at some critical aspects of Wix you should consider before using it.

The Easiest Website Builder Around

Website builders let users build a website quickly by taking out the need for any prior website development knowledge. Wix is one of the easiest website builders around, and from my experience, that is the case.

Wix website builder can guide you through the building of your website, or you can select a template and begin designing.  If Wix is setting up your website, they will ask you a set of questions about it. Based on your answer, Wix creates a template for you.

An Image of available Wix website templates

For those who prefer choosing their templates. Wix will offer you over 500 templates including:

  • Real Estate
  • Resume and CV
  • Online store
  • Travel
  • Photography

The templates contain point and click design elements along with drag-and-drop features. All the aspects of the templates feature customizable elements and additional webpages.

Wix App Market contains additional features that you might want on your template, and plug-ins to improve your website.

Wix templates also allow you to create a mobile version of your website. Although, the templates are not responsive, so you will have to change your mobile website elements as you would with your desktop.

Improved SEO functionality

A few years ago, it used to be hard to rank on google with Wix. But not anymore!

Wix has taken major strides in improving its SEO functionality. It now allows you to adhere to standard SEO practices to get your website ranked to the top of Google. The amazing part is that Wix has an SEO page that informs you more about its SEO functionality.

First-timers do not need to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because there are dozens of apps on the App Market that can help them with SEO. Frankly, you at least need to learn the basics of SEO. Let the apps help you as you learn more about SEO.

To rank higher on Google, focus on your content quality and core SEO practice.

Affordable Prices for E-commerce Websites

When running an E-commerce site, Wix has your back. It offers e-commerce hosting and three levels of business.  Wix plans come with a $300 ad vouchers and the ability to accept online payments with zero commissions.

The three business plans are:

Business basic—A starter plan with 20GB of storage. It’s competent enough to get your web store up and running.

Business ultimate- it’s cheaper compared to similar e-commerce platforms and you can run email campaigns from your store.

Business VIP-provides users with 50GB of storage, 30 video hours and VIP support.

Image of Wix website business plans


With Wix E-commerce, website owners are provided with templates specifically designed for online business and specialized tools to help their business grow.

For Convenience, you will pay a little more

Wix free plan is convenient for blogs and serious website. but if you are after creating a serious website, upgrade to enjoy the best features. Its standard website feature four paid plans, whereas it’s Business and E-commerce websites features three additional plans.

Its web hosting is pricier than that of standard web hosting services.  This is because it provides you with services that other low-cost services can’t. As a result, you will part with more for the convenience offered by Wix.  Even though it is pricey, the pricing on personal plans is still reasonable for the features you receive.

The System is not that perfect

All the convenience comes with drawbacks. While you might find it easy to use, its suitability is offset by a lack of certain features and compatibility. How?

It doesn’t permit a regular change of website designs—you won’t be able to change or switch templates once you have set up your website. Unless you want to redo your website from scratch again. Unlike other platforms where you can tinker with your templates. Wix makes you go all-in on your website, meaning you either run with it, or you start over for a new design.

They restrict deep code modifications—At Wix, you won’t be able to change the HTML or the CSS of your website, nor will you be able to include third-party plugins and apps. That is why Wix App Market is so broad- it keeps you centered on the platform.

It is challenging to move to a new host — If you are planning to move your website, good luck with that. Wix makes it challenging for users to move their website to a new host.  Sometimes people have had to copy and paste content to their new website manually. In reality, you will start from scratch again.

Although Imperfect, Wix Website Builder Is the best choice for first-timers

I can proudly say, web developers, created Wix for beginners and those who are not skilled in website creation. Because of this, it focuses more on convenience rather than complexity, which is a good thing. Although some options are limited or unavailable, this platform contains all the main website features needed by customers

For many users, the convenience provided by Wix outweighs the loose of advance functionality and the higher cost.


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